Friday, January 24, 2014

Surprise! We are doing more projects!

So... I guess it's not that big of a surprise.  This time it started out as running a bit of heating duct to the basement. We asked a friend to give us some pointers, and his information-- while incredibly valuable -- led us to realize it would require clearing out the basement, and it would be smart to install the tub first. So, the project blossomed into 1) More Shelves in the garage for temporary storage of basement Stuff (and seriously, can you ever have too much garage storage space?) 2) Buying a bathtub/shower for the basement bathroom, 3) taking out the door and wall at the bottom of the stairs so we could fit the tub in, 4) replacing the door and wall with a header to support the joists and permanently open the bottom of the stairs to the basement family room, 5) move the light switch that was at the bottom of the stairs, meaning extending the wire, and while we're at it, 5.2) Put in a new box to house all the light switches for the family room even though the wiring and fixtures will come later, and 6) clean up the sheetrock dust, sawdust, and nails and other construction debris. Whoowee!

It looks so nice! Cody was especially thrilled when our neighbor Bruce suggested we move the door that was at th bottom of the stairs to the utility room, instead of buying a new double door. Save money, reuse door, opene up the living space and tight stairwell... yes, a very good plan. The only detriment is now the stairs area bit on the cold side, which will be better when we get the heating done in the basement.

...oh wait... isn't that what we were supposed to be doing? I think we * might* have gotten a teensy bit distracted.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Coming back to life

We are in the process of finding our new normal. It's not easy! Life has been go-go-go the past few months. Some fun things that happened: Christmas (and it was a great one), the kids and Cody went to visit family for a few days after New Year's Day, leaving Elsie and I alone for a bit (BEST VACATION EVER!), heading back to school, and Cody's birthday. And, of course, Elsie's blessing, which was such a perfect day. We have been loving life, especially the rare quiet family time. Now... pictures!

Elsie, 2.5 months old. She is such a sweetie!  


Katie and cousin Ashlin

Cody's Dad holding their mission call. Quezon city, Philippines!

Proof that we really did try hard to take a family photo after Elsie's blessing.