Saturday, January 18, 2014

Coming back to life

We are in the process of finding our new normal. It's not easy! Life has been go-go-go the past few months. Some fun things that happened: Christmas (and it was a great one), the kids and Cody went to visit family for a few days after New Year's Day, leaving Elsie and I alone for a bit (BEST VACATION EVER!), heading back to school, and Cody's birthday. And, of course, Elsie's blessing, which was such a perfect day. We have been loving life, especially the rare quiet family time. Now... pictures!

Elsie, 2.5 months old. She is such a sweetie!  


Katie and cousin Ashlin

Cody's Dad holding their mission call. Quezon city, Philippines!

Proof that we really did try hard to take a family photo after Elsie's blessing.

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Granny D Fifield said...

Good to have you back on. Life is definitely good isn't it? luv u all