Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Elsie is 4 months old

Today Elsie is 4 months old!  I can't believe it.  Yesterday, Lee was having a cry because he had to do his homework, and I told him, "Back when you were a baby, Lee, I kept asking and pleading with you to quit growing up, but you didn't want to.  You chose to grow up and be a big kid.  Now, here you are in first grade and you have to do your homework--it's just part of being a kid."  His response, "I'm changing my mind!  I just want to be a baby now!"

I had to laugh with him for a while and kind of backpedal and explain that I was teasing him and growing up is just part of life.  I keep telling Elsie to quit growing up too, but she doesn't want to listen either.  All we can do, then, is to cherish every moment of her infancy--and I do.  I adore the moments I have with her.  She is the sweetest, most perfect baby.  She coos and smiles and giggles now, loves watching her older siblings play, and especially loves to snuggle with mommy.  She's also the most patient baby I've ever known, for which I'm immensely grateful.  Granted, she'll let me know if she's hungry or uncomfortable, but if I've fed her, she's becoming very content to just lie on the floor and play.  She's become a finger sucker.  She hates binkies, but now she'll get two fingers in her mouth and self-soothe and just be happy for an hour or more.  It's really helpful on nights like last night, when Katie completely missed the toilet and everyone needed baths.  I spent about forty minutes bustling through bath and bedtime, reading to Lee, helping with homework, trying to pick up the clutter, getting on jammies, and finally, I realized, "I haven't heard Elsie make a peep this whole time!"  I went back to where I'd left her, and she was just kicking her feet in the air, sucking on her fingers, and when she saw me, she gave me a huge smile and suddenly the stress and frustration of the last forty minutes melted away.  I gave her a big kiss and held her the rest of the night, trying to thank her for what she'd given me.  She is the sweetest baby ever.

She's getting stronger every day and can now roll over 360 degrees.  Her eating and sleeping schedule is becoming more regular as well.  Unlike my other kids, she will not eat if she is not hungry.  If she is sleepy, all she wants it to be wrapped up and put to bed.  But she really only cries if she has a tummy ache from gas or if she is tired.  Such a delight!  Our favorite little feature is the curl right on top of her head.  Yes, I assist it with a bit of baby lotion right after bath time, but then it will stay perfectly curly until bath time comes around again.  It is A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.   

Enough talk.  More pictures.

Happy 4 months, E!

Thanks to Aunt Sara for eliciting her first big laugh.


Granny D Fifield said...

She is adorable and soo very much yours.

Ashlie / PN29 said...

Lisa, I am so glad the ASL for I Stand All Amazed went well for you!

Now go do some lunges! ;)

-Ashlie,Primary Notes 29