Monday, February 17, 2014

Goin' Krazy

I've mentioned before we now live in a small town, about 10,000 people. We really love it here. Today made us feel like real-life rural farming red necks. :)

Seeing that our sweet little town is only about a 10 minute drive from a bigger community stocked with plenty of big-box stores, shopping is pretty limited here.  We have a grocery stores, a couple of small gas station markets, and a lumber store.  But there is one place all the locals shop: a sort of general store where you can find everything you never knew you needed.  They are particularly known for those items that you pick up and say, "I've always wondered where they sold stuff like this!" like chain-by-the-foot, pink cowgirl boots in toddler sizes, every type of canning lid and mix known to mankind (seriously.  They sell ketchup mix to bottle your own ketchup.), and even toy-sized Dutch ovens.  It's just a great old store with creaky floors and dinky aisles and happens to be only a few blocks away.

They have one big sale a year, called "Krazy Daze". Everything is at least 15% off. You heard me, 15%!  They had a free pocketknife for the first 200 people through the door, so I told Cody we could head over about 9:00 since there was unlikely to be a line and we could get Lee a free knife.

Boy oh boy did I underestimate the power of 15% off in a small town.  There was a line wrapped around the building at both entrances.  We showed up right as the doors opened, jumped in the line, and made it in with 3 pocket knives left.  Phew!  Lee loves his new pocket knife, though.  He told me, "This is the best pocket knife ever. It has everything a scout needs.  Like, fingernail clippers, and 2 can openers, one for soda cans, and one for green bean cans!  I'm the awesomest kid ever; I'm seven years old, I'm not even a scout, yet, AND I  have my own pocket knife!"

So, after squishing my way through the crowds of people, I had to pick up a few momentos from this exciting day.  I got the kids some John Deere shirts and got myself a new Lodge cast iron roasting pan that was marked down $40.  Nice.  I also re-stocked my canning lid supplies, since they were on sale (15% off!  15% off! Eeeee!) and last summer I used twice as many as I thought I would.  I'll probably still need to get more at some point, but my hands were full, and carts and shopping baskets were a hot commodity. 

We came home just giggly and grinning from ear to ear.  It's official.  We battled a huge crowd for 15% off John Deere sweatshirts and cast iron and canning lids.  And free pocket knives.  We can now call ourselves small-town folk.  I love this place.

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