Thursday, March 20, 2014

Basement Electircal

Wow, it sure doesn't seem like a long time ago when I was writing about how Cody wanted electrical plugs and wiring for his birthday.  Yet, it was over a year ago!  We have lived in this house for nearly two years, and it's been three years since we first heard about this build program and started toying with the idea of building a house.  Amazing.  It's still a choice I do not regret in the slightest and would do it all again if it meant we could live here.  We love our home, love our neighborhood, and love our lives here.

Anyway.  Reminiscing: over.  Another Cody birthday, another tax return, more projects!  We have a goal (well, I Lisa have a goal) to get sheetrock up before the end of 2014.  That means that everything that goes inside walls or ceilings must be complete before we buy a single piece of sheetrock.  We've been surprised at just how much stuff that really is.  I told you about getting a bathtub and how that required taking out the door and part of the wall at the bottom of the stairs (still a very smart decision).  Now, we've moved on to the electrical work.  Cody has been having the time of his life learning how to install light fixtures and plugs and the differences between adding one or two outlets and wiring an entire basement.  We are very grateful for our electrician friend who has been giving us tips and advice so that we are up to code.  But the best part of all is when the wiring is done, the light bulbs are screwed in, and we can flip the breaker and turn on the switch and admire all the hard work. 

Of course, as we start one job, it always rapidly expands into a much bigger, multifaceted project.  As we were deciding where to place light fixtures and what kinds of lights we wanted, I mentioned to Cody that I'd like some small outlet fixtures for what we're calling "the commons." It's the room that is like an overgrown hallway.  It will be a play room, or a study for teenagers, or a storage room at times.  Anyway. I digress.  This room has no windows, so it will be very dark when it is done.  I wanted a small set of lighting so that if you just needed to go to the bathroom or something that it wouldn't be pitch dark.  But after mentioning this to Cody, we looked at the price of some of these lights and I immediately told him we'd just buy a regular night light because it was too expensive.  Much to my surprise and delight, he stunned me when he told me he'd got a gift--seven night lights with motion sensor switches that he'd install not just in that room in the basement, but throughout the house.  We then had a great time thinking it out and determining where to put these new built in night lights.  We are putting them in the bathrooms, the stairwell, and then throughout the basement.  The motion sensors are super cool too, since they're programmable.  We can more or less 'teach' them how sensitive we like it and not to come on during the day when there's natural light.  So cool. 
It is fun to work on our basement and our home.  This is our hobby and our free time.  Every little step makes it feel more and more finished, and it is exciting to see. 



Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Katie is three!

Even though her birthday was over a week ago on the 11th, and I neglected to blog about it, we didn't neglect to party!  We started the day with singing and candles, and a yummy breakfast of crepes with Nutella and strawberries.  Katie opened her gifts.  We went to a playgroup party with lots of Katie's friends and had a blast running around and sharing cookies with everyone.  After a nice long nap, we went to McDonald's (even though I promised myself I would never do that... oh well...) for dinner and had more fun running around.  Cake was tres leches with raspberries and even more gifts, and then bed.  Happy birthday, our big 3 year old Katie Gug-Gug!