Saturday, May 24, 2014

2 months of catch-up

We've been busy little beavers with so many projects and growing kids and activities that I've even neglected this blog--*gasp!*

So, here's what's been going on...

Elsie is almost seven months old!  She is crawling and sitting up now, but hates solid foods.  Overall, she is absolutely delightful.  She continues to be in the tall and skinny range, but well within average.  She laughs and giggles and plays with toys now. 

The basement is ready for sheetrock, as of this morning!  We passed our four point inspection (framing, electrical, plumbing, HVAC) and we are thrilled.  Cody has been whittling away at it all year, and the hardest part of doing the basement has been keeping the wave of toys back.  We have cleaned it many, many times, put everything away in totes and boxes, only to have the kids dump out those totes and boxes within a day of cleaning it.  It's frustrating and depressing, but we somehow got it all done.  Now, we've taken all the toys out of the basement, bagged them, and put them in the garage for storage until after the drywall is all hung, mudded, taped, and primed, and perhaps even painted the ceiling.  Hopefully the outdoor toys and upstairs kid projects will suffice until then.  Considering that summer is starting, I think the bikes and trampoline and balls and frisbees and squirt guns and so forth should be ok. 

Speaking of impending summer break, we only have 1 week of school left and the kids are jazzed.  Annalisa had her preschool graduation, Lee had his big field trip, and I've been busy getting the garden planted and the flower beds cleared out and planted.  I have most everything in now, but still need a couple cubic yards of mulch to get things looking perfect.  It is just as exciting as last year, though I have a lot more confidence in myself now.  We have strawberries and raspberries loaded with blossoms, lettuce and spinach and peas coming up, and everything else is planted.  We have a few new things this year--grape vines for mother's day, roses, and of course the curbing created a few new beds that needed to be filled.  Exciting and beautiful!


Angeli said...

I love reading your blog. I'm slow at catching up, but I just caught up on your catch up. Thanks.

Sara said...

May..... :P

Sara said...

I just heard sad cries from this blog, "I feel abandoned! I know there's more going on in your life!" ;)

I kid.... mostly. :P

tom said...

nice said...

Fist of all, congrats with the graduation! Secondly, you manage with your sweet bunch of flowers so successfully, I can follow your example!

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